29 March 2010

Well, I'm back

Been awhile since I was last on here....Football season is over, wrestling season is over and Forensics is almost over. Em did really well in wrestling with a record of 11-10 this year. Tate has qualified for State in Forensics again and has League competition today. Alot has happened with all the other kids also, surprises everywhere! Prayer is a pre-requisite of my days lately. Graduation for Tate is just around the corner and she is counting down to the day she is moving out and being on her own. She enrolls for college next month. Shaney will be switching schools this semester due to the cost of the one she is in now, good thing, cause I don't think we could afford the rest of the semesters where she is at now! Tony has been working hard on the house and I have just been trying to keep up with the kids and all my appointments. The animals are all hyper due to the weather, they are driving me crazy! Got knee deep into the Boosters and Touchdown Club for the school and am getting back into the Lions Club arena full swing...I missed that one. I have applied to be on the board of the City Rec, don't know if I will get it or not, but if I do, man will I be busy. They closed our local Armory and that was really hard for me, but I was honored to read the lineage for it. It was amazing how much I found out researching it. Getting ready for another wedding in October, I'm a bridesmaid and need to loose a ton of weight to fit into the dress she has picked out, which reminds me, I need to get that ordered...Birthdays have started for the family in full swing. One every month until the end of September....ugh! Our youngest will be turning 16 on Easter, which is hard for me to swallow. He looks older because he is growing a beard and mustache already. He has one inch to go before he is 6 ft tall! Well, I think that is about it in a nutshell...until next time, God bless and God Speed.

01 November 2009

State Football and Plays

Well our Football team has made it to State playoffs for the first time in 17 years and for only the 4th time since football has been instituted in this school. WOOT WOOT!!!! My dd has made the lead in the school play for her senior year and our son is on the lighting crew. The house is coming along with our daughter actually now having a room that is done for her senior year!! Been busy keeping posters and run throughs made for the football team and helping the daughter rehearse for the play, plus keep all the appts that I have. Along with the dinner that we prepare for the football players prior to games, along with the food we get them for the bus rides and after the home games. Next comes wrestling season and forensics. Took a college visit with our daughter to the college she WANTS to go to...I know, I know, her choice, but, if you only knew! All five of the other kids are doing good and we are getting ready for another wedding next October where I am going to be a Brides Maid - I about fell over! I actually cried! A Brides Maid at my own step daughters wedding, has that ever been done before? I am actually quite honored that she thinks so highly of me, still makes me kind of weepy... Anyway. Didn't get to do much riding this summer unfortunately, but my hubby did get a new bike and it is gorgeous! All the animals are doing great and I moved the plants inside for the winter atrium...needless the say the cats love it! Well I think that is about it...God bless and God speed!